So is Cloudflare right for me?

I am from Russia and Belarus

Domain added to CF but CF not working.

The R3 certificate is installed on the domain, if I open it without VPN, then it is displayed.

If I open it from VPN, then the Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 certificate is displayed on the domain.

Do I understand correctly that your service does not suit me?

This is normal when you start to use Cloudflare because Cloudflare will be the middle-man between your visitors and your server. Your visitor will not see the Let’s Encrypt (R3) certificate.

the fact is that if I remove my certificate and turn on CF, then my users will not see anything at all, because the entire IP range from CF is banned by the RKN

my users will see my site only through VPN if I connect it to CF

or CF specifically provides banned IPs for switching to a paid plan :slight_smile: