So I think I shrewd up - registered on Cloudflare but want to host else where

Ok so I have a site that I would like to host on Dreamiest but I registered the domain on Cloudflare, I’m new to Cloudflare and I can’t figure out the how to this to work. Do I need to transfer my domain off of Cloudflare?

When you set up hosting, the hosting company will give you a DNS entry, or probably several DNS entries, to create. You would then add them in your Cloudflare dashboard, and your domain will point to your hosting.

Later if you need to move to a different host, you would just put the new information into Cloudflare and it would switch your domain name to the new hosting.

So I did that but my host (dream host) says my domain is still pointing go Cloudflare’s name servers.

There’s no reason you need to use their nameservers, and a lot of reasons to keep it separate–for example if you ever want to change to different hosting it is very easy if your hosting is separate from your DNS.

These instructions at Dreamhost should help you set up the DNS records to point your domain to Dreamhost.

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