So... Cloudlfare thinks I am in China

***** Flagged for deletion. Stupid caching error on my part.

So, I am just outside of Philadelphia, and everything seems to have been working fine for weeks. But today, I am apparently in China and so are most of my customers. This is creating some obvious issues when sorting by distance.

Any idea if there is anything I can do on my end to get this back to normal?

[cegltd-geo-airport] => LAX
[cegltd-geo-city] => Putian
[cegltd-geo-continent] => AS
[cegltd-geo-country] => CN
[cegltd-geo-latitude] => 25.43940
[cegltd-geo-longitude] => 119.01030
[cegltd-geo-metroCode] => undefined
[cegltd-geo-region] => Fujian
[cegltd-geo-regionCode] => FJ
[cegltd-geo-state] => Fujian
[cegltd-geo-stateAbbr] => FJ
[cegltd-geo-timezone] => Asia/Shanghai
[cegltd-geo-zipCode] => undefined

Check your IP in GeoIP2 Databases Demo | MaxMind - if it’s the same there then submit a correction to MaxMind.

No, my IP is fine there. And it isn’t just me. It is customers across the country.

Who is your host? What control panel you use? Are you using apache, nginx or litespeed?