SnapEngage is blocked by firewall

We have a site that uses SnapEngage for a chat system. It was working and recently stopped. After some testing including bypassing Cloudflare it has been determined that the firewall is blocking the script from running.

Is there something in the script I can use so I can add it to the firewall to allow access?

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May I ask did you used it from Cloudflare Apps, or manual implementation? Does it use WebSockets or?

You could try to add the IP address from the origin host / server to the Firewall Rule with the action Allow, even you could add it too into the IP Access Rules.

I am not sure what and why is it triggered, may I ask do you use Free or some paid like Pro plan? - just to make sure if you are using Managed WAF Rules, if so, or not.

Is it the JavaScript resource or?

Could you post a screenshot of this error which you got shown, or is it shown in the Developer Console (F12) in your Web browser, or like 403, 404 error for the resource/requested URL in the Network tab?

Furthermore, do you have some Security settings tunned up like Security Level: High, therefore enabled the Bot Fight Management, Browser Integrity Check, custom Firewall Rules - > if the request is being blocked, it should be shown at Firewall events log - have you already checked that?, or if you maybe have the Rate Limiting option enbled?

Manual Implementation: I used a script from SnapEngage in inserted it into the site using Insert Headers and Footers Script.

SnapEngage say they do not know the IP as they are using Google Cloud. So I am unable to add a Firewall Rule. I am also using the free plan.

Security level is Medium
Browser Integrity is enabled
Rate Limiting is not enabled

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