SMTP servers


These are my records:
How would I create an SMTP server on this (all I want to do is receive emails) preferably with NodeJS?
They said they don’t query to the port 25 so I’m out of ideas.


You should already be fine, since the record is :grey: you do not have problems with port limitations. The limitations apply only on records which are :orange:.


Sorry can you explain what this means?

They said they don’t query to the port 25 so I’m out of ideas

I’m assuming that means whoever your host is won’t set up a webserver for you on port 25 so you can’t build your own SMTP server. if that’s the case you’re out of luck because that’s the port that other mail servers would use to send you mail.

You could instead use a 3rd party service like mailgun.


With they I’m referring to Cloudflare. I’m hosting the smtp server at home.


Then my reply applies. You should be all set.


So all I should do is change the port to one that Cloudflare supports?


No, leave the config as it is.

If the record is set to :grey: there are no ports lists as Cloudflare does not proxy anything there, if you perform a dig/nslookup on your MX record it will show your home’s IP address. The port list applies only to the :orange: records.


It must be a problem with my server script then, thank you everyone!


You’re welcome!

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