SMTP server

Is there a way to get the email working behind the Cloudflare firewall (DNS and HTTP proxy enabled)?

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Only for enterprise customers.

For non enterprise plans you would specify a host name which isn’t the same as one being proxied by Cloudflare for your mail server as well as for other ports we don’t proxy such as POP3 or IMAP.

If you are hosting your own mail server you could also use a 3rd party spam filtering service such as mimecast for your inbound SMTP proxy which effectively obfuscates the true mail server as well.

Thanks for the answer! do you know of any service like minecast that is free?

None that I am aware of. You might ask your hosting provider if they have such an offering.

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Not for now.
But in the near future since they are testing some awesome stuff which has left the beta. . :slight_smile: watch out.

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