SMTP Server error while trying to adding email

Hello Friends,

Can anyone guide me the best DNS setting to fix the SPTM server error, I recently move one of my domain on cloudflare which host on Liquid Web server, so far everything is work fine, but now i’m facing an SPTM server error while i’m trying to add my domain email ([email protected]) in Gmail server via Send mail through your SMTP server

Thank You

I appreciate your response, I saw the video which you send me in attachment, and look like my DNS settings are correct as per the video, but the email are still not working.

I attaché an screen short of my DNS setting here, Its really helpful if you look and correct me.

The email which i want to add on Gmail via SMTP is [email protected]

Thank you

Hi @dhawansenterprises,

You will need to set the mail record to :grey: rather than :orange:. You then need Gmail to connect over the mail. hostname.

thanks for the information my friend, Let me try with that setting.

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