SMTP Sending from PHP


I have several websites that were developed using php and HTML. I am using php mail command to send emails through my external mail server mailhub with ssmtp configuration.

Sending emails was working fine till I used Cloudflare tunnel feature. Websites working fine but can not send emails any more.

Appreciate your help solving this very annoying issue.

Make sure the hostname you are connecting to is not proxied. If it isn’t, you need to reach out to your mail host as Cloudflare won’t be involved.

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Yes, the hostname which I am connecting to is not proxied.
In this case what should I change in the mail host to fix this issue?

You will need to find out what the exact issue is and take the necessary steps to fix this. I am afraid Cloudflare is not involved here.

To me, it looks a Cloudflare issue. I also tried gmail and sendgrid as SMTP server, both did not work.

I am not sure why you’d think so, but as I mentioned Cloudflare does not handle email in the first place. If the entry is not proxied, Cloudflare won’t be involved and you will need to talk to your mail host for further information.

Again, make sure it is not proxied and you can guarantee that Cloudflare is not involved. This really is something to discuss with your mail provider.

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