Smtp pop3 server change

Hello everyone,
I changed my server . In my old server pop3 and smtp server name were
but i see that new server has a special server name. So i dont want to change all gmails, hotmails pop3 smtp . Are there any methods to change it in cloudflare dns . for example
A newservername

You could try a CNAME that’s set to :grey: DNS Only. Instead of your “A” record for ‘mail’, make it a CNAME that points to that new server name. It might present an encryption problem if it only has a certificate for that specific hostname and your mail settings require encryption.

ok now it is like that for old server:
A mail ip dnsonly
mx dnsonly

ok i will try to add this
cname newmailservername

“certificate for that specific hostname and your mail settings require encryption” , does it mean that i need to use encrypted method and ports instead of without ssl method simply for smtp, pop3. Or even i use ssl connection, it may not acccept because it needs own certificate.

You’ll have to test this set up to see how it behaves regarding encryption. Some apps will drop back to no encryption, but I suspect encryption will be a problem if the cert doesn’t include a wildcard subdomain.

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thanks, i will try and inform if it is ok.

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