SMTP Issues? Mail will not deliver, but appears to be sent

Perhaps someone else has had the same issue…

Email will not arrive at destination inboxes, UNLESS using Godaddy webmail… There are no “undeliverable” messages - all appears normal, but email simply will not arrive. Multiple email clients have been tested - all fail. Other email addresses that are on the same system with Godaddy but are on a DIFFERENT domain will be delivered normally, but all addresses on the primary domain are now affected by this issue. This isn’t an issue with an email client, as many have been tested. It is not a problem with the firewall, as clients outside of the network have been tested and have failed to deliver mail. This isn’t an issue with the email server/host as other addresses under the same system that belong to another domain are working properly. All indications suggest an issue with cloudflare. I have checked that the domain isn’t on spam lists, but this could be verified again by someone with more expertise in this matter. There are 20 users without the ability to send email other than using an outdated webmail system, which makes this a critical issue. The problem has persisted since Wednesday, November 18th.

I would appreciate

I would recommend speaking with your mail administrator. The failure for delivery will be clearly documented in the SMTP logs for you admin which will clear demonstrate whether or not the emails or rejected from you r server or accepted by the customer’s mail server.

If I’m incorrect, your email admin is welcome to upload data to point at Cloudflare and I will review and respond.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any kind of mail administrator… Please tell me what I need to do to look at the SMTP logs, so I can ask you to look at them. The mail provider is godaddy. DNS is cloudflare. Email client is Outlook 2010. I don’t know where I’d find the SMTP logs between the three of these.

Please advise me in this.

Thank you

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