SMTP issue with sending

Hey all, I’m unsure of what to do. I have a shared hosting plan on Namecheap’s hosting plan…
I have WordPress, Elementor, and I’m using a form as a questionnaire. The send button is supposed to send a completed questionnaire to my business email. I created an email through Cpanel, added all the info into the SMTP plugin. I tried to test the email and it still said this: SERVER ERROR. FORM NOT SENT.

I’m thinking that it’s a DNS record that I need to add in Cloud Flare, but I can’t seem to find documentation on it anywhere.

Am I going down the right path, or should I look for support with WP, Cpanel, Elementor, Namecheap etc?

Different plugins have different mail configurations. Which plugin is it? And how have you configured it?

thanks for the repy. I have elementor pro, but the plugin i used to try to resolve my issue sending out emails was WP Mail SMTP, however, i after using that plugin, i realized that i probably don’t need to the plugin as it didnt help. I’m thinking i need to add a record to my cloudflare to allow emails to be sent from my wordpress website… but that’s just a guess. what do you think it could be?

I use that plugin, but I run it through MailGun (“Free Trial” plan for <5000 emails per month). That’s a way better option than trying to get it to send directly from your server.

i tried that and even after configuring dns setting with cloudflare says mailgun forbidden

Start with their documentation. It has many examples on sending mail.

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