SMTP Error: Unconfirmed Email


Why is SMTP unable to deliver and confirm my email after I hosted my domain in Cloudflare. I contacted my website hosting and they told me the problem is from Cloudflare. Here is what they send to me to request from Cloudflare

Hello. It seems that your domain is hosted with cloudflare. Kindly contact them and ask them to ask the following records.


if you need to add DNS records to your domain, you can do this here: (select your domain)

This manual explains the process:

If you share your domain, we might be able to offer additional insights into your problem.


I’m actually new to WordPress so I have little knowledge about it. This is my domain account

I look forward to your response. Thank you.

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Does this happen when you’re sending emails (outbound), or when you are supposed to be receiving emails (inbound)?

This domain does not have any MX records, which may prevent receiving emails (inbound).

In addition, there are nothing indicating any email authentication records such as e.g. TXT records containing _domainkey in their name, or any SPF records at all (TXT type record, which authorize which mail servers an send from your domain name), which may make other mail servers refuse deliveries from your domain.

I suppose those kind of things are the one, according to your quote, that your hosting provider is asking you to “add”, although they may have written incorrect, as they wrote “ask” according to your quote:

The records that they sound to have provided to you already, should be added according to the advice that @Laudian gave you above.

If you are struggling with adding these them and need further advice in regards to that, I would suggest that you share the record(s) you have been asked to add, as well as how exactly you’re struggling with adding them.

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It happens when my subscribers are trying to send email. It keeps saying “There was an error when sending a confirmation email for your subscription. Please contact the website owner.”

Where can I get the records? I am confused.

Where can I get TXT and MX records?

Dear Laudia,

I’m sorry for sending too many inquiries. I would like to know if the information on the attracted screenshot below contains my MX and TXT record.
Thank you.

Yes, you should make sure to copy all DNS records from your cPanel over to Cloudflare.

However, there is no MX record in your screenshot.

Weren’t there any records after that part of the message?

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I only got the record.

It looks like you haven’t copied all the records from your screenshot to Cloudflare yet. Please do that.

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Cloudflare is malfunctioning. I cannot access my dashboard. I keep getting this anytime I want to login

Can you try using a different browser and a private browser window?

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It is the same issue. I have tried different browsers ,and have even used incognito.


This is what I saw under my MX record in my cpanel. Is this correct







|Priority: 0
| — | — | — |

Yes, that looks ok.

However, we really need to figure out why you can’t access the dashboard. Do you have any other devices that you can try? Maybe try disabling Wifi on your phone?