SMTP emails take ages to arrive in Gmail inbox

Hi all,

I’m not massively technical, so please forgive me but i can’t seem to find an answer.

I have a Namecheap hosted site, with Cloudflare, and emails setup to be sent via SMTP to Gmail.

Ever since moving to Cloudflare and setting up the DNS records, emails from my domain seem to reach me up to an hour after they’ve been sent. E.g. when signing up to a website and being asked to confirm an email verification code, the verification email may take over 20mins to arrive, resulting in a timeout. It’s a big handicap.

Here are my DNS records, is there something that looks wrong?

I see your MX record is correctly pointed to an unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) A mail record.

Furthermore, I do not know if you are using a hostname like or rather imap/smtp/pop3 for incoming/outgoing e-mail server in your e-mail client like MS Outlook, AppleMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

Kindly, make sure below A type DNS records (hostnames) are unproxied and set to :grey: (DNS-only):

  • autoconfig, autodiscover, ftp, imap, mail, pop3, smtp, webmail

Helpful article:

Could you re-check and configure your web app (or reconfigure PHPMailer) to connect and use your e-mail provider (which is unproxied) and not origin host/server (which is proxied) for sending e-mail? (for example WordPress has got a great plugin WP Mail SMTP).

I would also recommend looking into the below article due to further prevention of your e-mails being marked as a SPAM at the recipient’s side:

Nevertheless, using online tools on the links below you could test and troubleshoot more what is going on with your e-mails:


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