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Hi team, have successfully connected my site to CFL with a certificate and now my email is not working. I followed the tutorials, have an A record and an MX record, but now my email clients (desktop and iPhone) are saying that they cannot reach or connect with the SMTP server.

I really am at a loss about what is happening here.


Hi there,

I’ve literally just had the same issue.

After going back and forward with cloudflare and my previous hosting provider saying it wasn’t them, I looked a bit further.

Turns out that my dns settings in Cloudflare were all correct, but the pop3 and smtp settings in Outlook for the mail account were “” and needed to be “

Hope this helps!


Thank you, Leigh. I have tried both and (server says not to use mail) with no luck.

It looks like I am going to need to enter into that back and forth labrynth with a CF person to solve this, sadly. It happens with almost every installation, so there must be something else obvious, assuming lots of people have this running successfully.

Thanks again.


Hi @confidential - I think you may have confused this with our Support “team”. We have Cloudflare staffers who frequent these forums, but the overwhelming majority of people here are other Cloudflare users. Many of them are very knowledgable, so you’ll often get fast, useful suggestions just the same.

If you need to submit a ticket to our support engineers, try


Ah, thanks for the heads up, Ryan. I have just lodged a ticket. Fingers crossed.


Hi all, after an email from support with links to resources, I have added new MX records but no luck yet.

One confusing thing is right in the CF page

The example shows:

mail CNAME (grey cloud) MX

However, in the instructions immediately below the example it mentions nothing about CNAME records pointing to domains and, instead, shows an A record pointing to an IP address.

MX domain handled by domain
A mail points to

You can only have an A record OR a CNAME record pointing to mail, not both. So my high gain question is: which should it be? Would truly appreciate any wisdom.



I’ve got the mail record set up as a type A. All my mail settings are:

A mail points to Auto Grey cloud
A webmail points to Auto Orange cloud
MX mail handled by (1) Auto No cloud

In the end, checking my webmail and finding out the mail was arriving was the reason I realised that the outlook settings needed to be changed.

Good luck!


Thanks, Leigh, I will try to mimic that.


I’m just locked out of my account at the moment. My IP address changed and, of course, with my email broken (the reason I am here), I cannot get the authentication token. Oh, the joy lol

If anybody here knows how to retrigger those tokens or prove you are not a crook some other way, I am all ears.

Thank you



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