SMTP Clients work?

Instead of researching this and spending hours trying to get a SMTP client script to work, I’ll just ask…

SMTP works on node, does it work on CF Workers?

Fair enough! You can’t communicate with an SMTP server directly from a Worker, as Workers implement the browser-standard APIs and no one has created a standard for raw TCP communication yet. Obviously it, along with UDP, will eventually become available in Workers, but WebSockets will likely appear first.

What I do generally however, rather than speaking SMTP directly, is use a third-party email delivery tool like SendGrid, and their HTTP API which can be easily called in a Worker.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m a bit stubborn and found this project that claim to be able to connect to SMTP from the browser and authenticate using TLS; so I’m going to try it now and see if I can get it working :wink:

I don’t think it will work unfortunately, but best of luck!