Smtp can`t send email after add site cloudfare

I am using smtp zohomail to sent email confilmation for my forum ok till now but when i add site to cloudfare nothing email send,it`s show error on error log : can not open socket, i am try to not using cloudfare,email still sent ok,is that cause by firewall cloudfare? Or any reason?
Help me please,thanks

That’s usually because the DNS record for your SMTP/POP/IMAP server is :orange:. It should be :grey:.

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You mean i must change yellow cloud to black? But i am not add any record smtp,pop,imap at cloudfare,just add at root domain,is that i must add smtp,pop,imap sever to cloud fare and change yellow cloud to black?

All of your DNS settings need to be added here. That includes MX records and whatever Zoho tells you to use for SMTP/POP/IMAP.

Every time i add this to cloudfare ,it`s show this error,can you help me fix ?thanks

I believe that is a known issue on mobile, try adding the record on a pc or choosing ‘Desktop site’ in you mobile browser menu.


:+1: It is.

@cloonan @cs-cf @ryan Any fix in sight?

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You are right,thanks,successfuly add mx by pc,let me check my mail ,and let you know,thanks you very much

Its no use ,cant not open socket error ,all record zoho aready add to cloufare,and only record A have yealow cloud,

I must stop cloudfare now ,still error sent mail through smtp,thanks you anyway

Whats the domain?,i am already update root domain straight to my hosting,thanks anyway

Your MX records look okay, you probably cant connect with your client I presume.

whenever disconnect cloud fare ,sent mail is ok,i am sure,may be i am temporary stop using cloufare,thanks

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