Smtp and webmail on the same server

i activated cloudflare last week on my web server and everything is working fine.
i have also a webmail wiche resides on the mail server.
i want ,if is possible, to protect using cloudflare also this webmail, and how i have configure dns in cloudflare.
i tryed but i get en error sending mail about reverse dns,
Someone can help n this?

Webmail, being HTTP based, can also be proxied through Cloudflare. SMTP however cannot, so that record (and all other strictly email related records) needs to be unproxied.

With most of the information blacked out it is difficult to say anything :wink: but overall that should probably work. Only your naked domain and your www record are proxied.

Reverse DNS is managed by whoever controls your network IP address block for the mail server. You may want to ask based on the exact error message you receive.

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