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Hello, everybody. I changed domain Registrar nameservers on Clouflare’s ones. The site status on Clouflare is “active”.
Afterwards, added hosting nameservers on Clouflare records (Type A). Am not sure, if i added records correctly (see example screen The site does not work.
I noticed the warnings: “Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www” and “Add an MX record for your root domain”. MX and TXT records i deleted completely (do not need email, will use live chat). Added Server IP from hoster (as one more record to Cloudflare), but the warnings still appear. Tried to remove and add again the site, but it is still not accessible. Thanks for any help!

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With the lack of context none of the records you added make any sense. I have no idea why you are adding your hosting nameservers. If you have one website that should be retrieved from one IP, then you should have one A records with the site name and that IP. That’s it.

What you are calling warnings are simply informational notifications. If you understand what they are saying and know that they do not apply in your case, you can safely ignore them.

Thank you for feedback,
Clouflare’s nameservers are assigned for the domain registrar. The main question is what shall I do with given hosting records (,,
How can I make my hosting understand, that it must take clouflare’s nameservers?
P.S. with “warnings” it is clear now, thank you!

Nothing. You do not use them when you use Cloudflare.

Your hosting has no need to “understand” where the DNS is. You need your host’s webserver to know the name of your site, so that it will respond to requests for that site name. On shared hosting that is usually set in a control panel or dashboard. You need a valid certificate on your host to secure the traffic between it and the Cloudflare proxy. Finally you need an entry in your Cloudflare DNS that contains the IP of the server. Your host should provide you that address. It goes in an A record if it is an IPv4 address or a AAAA record for an IPv6 address. More details are available in this Community Tutorial.

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Thanks a lot! I think I got how it works:

  1. I change my registrar’s nameservers with Cloudflare given.
  2. Enter domain names on hosting and copypaste DNS records from hosting to Cloudflare (adding corresponding Type-Name-Content)
    I think it must work. Once again, many thanks!
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