SMB Share over Public Hostname Tunnel

I’m trying to access a shared printer through a public hostname tunnel. The printer is connected via USB to a laptop that hosts cloudflared. I have tried the following public hostname configurations with no success:

Type: SMB
URL: localhost://445

Type: TCP
URL: localhost://445

Type TCP
URL: localhost://139

I can however connect to the printer share using a Private Network tunnel. Is connecting to a SMB share over a public hostname tunnel supported? If so, any suggestions on what I might check to troubleshoot this issue would be much appreciated.

Can I assume that you’ve already went through this documentation?

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I did. On the client side I’ve created and started a shortcut with the command:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\cloudflared\cloudflared.exe” access tcp --hostname --url localhost:1400

The problem comes in when I attempt to connect to the SMB share. This is a shared printer I’m attempting to connect to, so I have to connect using a UNC. Connecting using \localhost:1400\share is not supported.