Smart DNS records

Hello dear Community members. We want to get DNS service for our company and we have some requirements. so i am trying to find best DNS provider. One of requirements is health check with dns records. For example i want to add 2 ip for one dns record. first one is and the second one is yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy. these are two different internet provider’s ip addresses. so the goal is if one of the internet providers is down so our dns records still should be accessible with other provider’s ip address.
so is it possible to configure dns record to resolve by only one ip, and if that ip will not be accessible it will resolve record with another ip added? i mean not round robin, just it should work with only one ip until it won’t work.

What you’re describing can be achieved by using Load Balancing:

To determine whether an IP is healthy you can configure health checks:

How & when Cloudflare sends visitors to a different origin depends on how you set up your steering:

You can choose to have this happen at the DNS level or for more power/flexibility you can do this inside Cloudflare’s proxy:


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