Small orange partner - can't disengage to use Cloudflare directly

I set up my website to use cloudflare from inside my cpanel with my hosting company a while ago. I don’t remember if my setup was completed because my DNS setting at my registrar still how the default DNS (from the hosting company). I’m trying to transfer my domain to cloudflare. When I went to do so, the system said that my domain is not fully on cloudflare. After further investigation, I noticed in my DNS page on the CF dashboard showing:
“Partner hosted zone
Your DNS zone file is hosted by A Small Orange , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.”

When I went back to my cpanel CF settings, I notices that it shows “inactive” under the “Use Cloudflare” column. When looking into this, I found instructions to click the green button “Provision domain with CNAME setup”. I clicked it, but nothing happens.

I’ve tried to change my Nameserver in my registrar to use the Cloudflare assigned Nameserver. That didn’t seem to work. Cloudflare still shows the above message.

My question: how to I remove Cloudflare from my cpanel or tell somehow tell Cloudflare that I’m no longer using the “Small Orange Partner” for managing my DNS zones (if my above step to change the Nameserver to CF) so that I can get my DNS zones setup and managed directly on Cloudflare?

Before you advise me to disable CF at the host, I’ve looked but there’s no option to do so. It only has the option to “Provision domain with CNAME Setup” which doesn’t work as noted above. I contacted my hosting company and they said I need to contact CF. How do I disconnect CF from the domain so I can get going?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I found a way to solve this issue for those who may find this post in the future. I logged in using the CF account directly on CF. Then I followed the instructions to remove the domain from the account.

Afterwards, I went back into cpanel and then delete the file /.cpanel/datastore/cloudflare_data.yaml to disconnect cpanel from the CF account.

After doing so, I was able to log back into my CF account and add the domain back in. This time, it pulled in all the DNS settings like I had it when I start from the CF dashboard.

Hopefully others will find this solution to be helpful. Thanks.


I am sure they will. Thank you very much for sharing the solution!