Small doubt about cf cache status

Hi Guys… I have a small doubt on cf Cache status…

Recently i integrated my WordPress site with Cloudflare using W3 total Cache.

I tested page score on pingdom . The first time it shows Cache status - miss and second time it shows - hit.

Every first time after somewhile it shows miss and then again second time it shows hit…

Y like that…

This is normal. There are two causes for a MISS:

  1. Unused resources get purged from the Edge Cache quicker than heavily used resources.
  2. Each datacenter has many servers, and they don’t all sync their caches. You could get a MISS the first time, a HIT the second time, then hit a different server the third time and get a MISS.

Overall, heavily visited sites get more HITs.

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Oh i got the Point ThanQ

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Is there any way to get hit cache status every time

For the reasons above, there’s no way to guarantee cache HIT.

there is 2 options:

  1. adding secondary cdn behind Cloudflare
  2. using other cdn and grey cloud it in Cloudflare (in case you can protect it)

How it works

You would need to pay for a third party CDN, such as KeyCDN.

I used to do this, but I find Cloudflare does a pretty good job of caching frequently accessed resources. So I don’t pay for other CDNs.

Hostry offers free generic CDN for EU+USA …

Can i use that cdn for this caching purpose

You’re certainly welcome to give that a try.

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