Small Business - Junior Plan

I don’t know if this is viable - but a lot of smaller businesses who don’t want to spend $20 for a Pro Plan yet may be interested in a Junior Plan at $5 or $10.

Could be restricted to only run for one page i.e. the home page. All small business want their home to load quickly.

Could just include one or two features i.e. Mirage and limited Image Resizing would be useful, in my case, for making a home page load faster on mobile.

Hi there,

Great suggestion there but I don’t think our plan levels will be changing any time soon in regards to the lowest tier plan we offer.

Being on the free plan will already boost the performance of your web asset if you are utilizing our caching:

I would suggest testing the Pro plan for one month or something to see if those extra Speed features help you in a way that would improve your website.

You could utililze webpage test to see improvements both ON and OFF Cloudflare even with the FREE plan like this:

Testing with Cloudflare (Assuming Cloudflare is currently enabled):

  1. Visit
  2. Choose a geographic location and a browser that matches as closely as possible to that of your visitors experiencing the slowness
  3. Enter an example URL and click Start Test. When it is complete save the result URL to share with us.

Testing direct to your origin server:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter an example URL
  3. Choose a the same location and browser as you did above
  4. Click “Advanced Settings” and then the “Script” tab
  5. Enter script to send traffic direct to your origin, for example:


You should replace with your origin server IP address. When both tests are complete, send both URLs over to us so we can take a look.