Small bug in CloudFlare's DNS page

Hi all,
I found a small bug in Cloudflare’s DNS page.
I have all my DNS proxied through Cloudflare but one. Now next to this DNS entry, there’s a warning triangle telling me that the IP address of the server behind one of the links is exposed - that is fine, I know.

However, there’s a small catch: let’s say I have the website “\” and “\” - the latter one with proxy disabled.

Now the tool tip tells me that the IP address for the server “\” is exposed, not “\” - while it is actually the latter having the IP address exposed.

It’s a small glitch I guess and it’s not annoying but can be confusing.

Question is: how do I submit this to CloudServe support team - as it seems it needs business to chat with them.

It’s not a glitch. Because they share the same IP address the proxied server is at risk.


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