Slower Website

Does the website in the Free version not help with the speed and optimization. Also, does the pro version help in improving the speed of the websites (E-commerce). Adding the Gtags lag the websites speed?

You get APO on pro plan with image optimaztion and free cdn that’s enough to speed up a normal wordpress e-commerce site

It depends on your website.

The Free plan will help push your content to the Edge and should have a faster load once it has been cached.

But if your site is not visited often or needs repeated calls to the server for processing data, and in the case of Ecommerce sites, sales etc… you will see less speed improvements because that is down to your server hosting, but you will still benefit from DDoS protection and Cloudflare’s rapid DNS propagation etc.

Pro does give more options and if you are on Woocommerce APO for Wordpress may be helpful as also suggested.