Slower download speeds after using Cloudflare

Before I started using CloudFlare, I would usually get down speeds of over 100mbps. (I’m hosting the website myself using Apache, not using a hosting service) Of course, I dont expect that much while using CloudFlare but the downspeed was way slower than I thought it’d be. I haven’t never seen it past 1.2-1.4mbps while using CloudFlare. I tried looking for some solutions for increasing the down speed, but it either didn’t have a satisfactory answer or the answer flew over my head. (Still learning)

Thank you.


Do you have a download link for me to try? I fear this might be due to peering at your ISP/server.

Check also what shows, replacing with your domain, of course. Post that, removing the IP, if you want. What is your general location?

Here is a large disc image file you can try. (Windows 95)

Also, that URL path doesn’t exist on my server. It just gives a 404.

And as for general location, Southeast U.S.

Does your server’s IP address end in .152? That resolves to a residental ISP.

Yep, it does.

Then that certainly explains this:

That’s a local download. You’re not even leaving your local network.

Yeah, I know that. I just wasn’t expecting as much of a drop in down speed. I suppose what I’m getting is about average then? I just wasn’t sure.

I’m fine with the speed its at now, it just left me confused

That’s probably because of your up speed. Don’t forget the proxies will connect to your local server and that’s where your uplink comes into play.


Welp I just facepalmed. I forgot about my up speed. I will now proceed to feel embarrassed. '-_-

Thanks for the help all who responded


Happens to the best :smile:

Cheers and no worries :slight_smile:

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