Slowdown in performance

my website performance was reduced dramatically since today morning. when asking the hosting provider he sent me this report link from Pingdom and told me this accrue because Cloudflare is looking for many DNS’s or something like that.

I’m not so tech and I’ll be glad for a little assistant
I added my DNS table snapshot - I do not understand if all of these DNS lookups should be their or some of them need to be remove

Taking a look at your site, I see the main document is taking 24.77s to load for me, this is NOT cached by Cloudflare (cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC) so this is hitting your origin server. Other resources like the JS and CSS files are loading in 30-120ms and hit by Cloudflare’s cache.

So, it appears your origin is just being extremely slow, this may be due to some Wordpress plugins or the otigin server itself. I couldn’t give you any info there. What you could do though is make sure the main page is cached, that way at least Cloudflare will be able to massively speed up any repeated hits.

You can do this with a Page Rule with Cache Everything similar to mine below

tnx, I checked the Cloudflare cache config and it’s placed on Standard caching so I do not know what else I can do…

where do I do that? “You can do this with a Page Rule with Cache Everything similar to mine below”

In the dasboard go to your domain, then “Rules” and you can create a Page Rule there.

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thank you very much - did that i hope it will help…regarding origin - i recnetly changed the website theme to a faser one and removed all the plugin’s i dont need anymore i also use litespeed cache plugin which suppose to optimize my website pages including the JS and CSS which i turned there option to “ON” do you think i need to do something else to improve the performance?

Yep I can confirm the website loads in 700ms now. It was definitely the origin causing this halt.

As for what exactly, I’m sorry but I don’t know. I’m not experienced with Wordpress so not sure what checks to do there. It could also just be that the origin server is having issues, you could check for status updates on your hosters website.

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thank you very much for your help :grinning:

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