Slow WP Website

Today I open my personal website (can’t share it here) and found out it was slow loading, I see that when page loading and wait at the bottom is a link, it say ‘waiting for…’ I did a WHOIS run on this domain name and see that it is hosted at Cloudflare I visited the domain and see there CF logo.
So i decided to debug a little, most recent changes i did was WP update and some plugins, did a downgrade of them but issue was persistent.
I went to Cloudflare dashboard and enabled Cache bypass page rule, then did a Flush Cache everything and the website is working fine now, no such slowness anymore.
I wonder why only this website is affected but not others with same Caching.
Looking for a resolution before I reenable Cache back again.
Thank you for help.

Hello, sorry for the issues you are experiencing.

Is this issue still occurring?
When did you first notice this issue?
Can you describe in detail any other recent changes to your site: within Cloudflare Settings, or elsewhere?
Can you please provide a screenshot of the errors/issues you observe?

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It happened on the day when i opened this topic, I did not enabled yet the Cache back to see if it still happens.
Also I not remember doing any modifications to the website in CF settings.
What I noticed is that I could easily browse WP Backend but as soon i visited any page of website it was loading allot, see below screenshot.

It is possible that I enabled in Security > Bot > Bot Fight Mode
But unsure if it was at that time.
Does this feature can influence cache and website loading?