Slow Wordpress admin area

The admin area of our Wordpress site is running incredibly slow since last week. We deactivated Cloudfare on the account to see if that was causing the issues and it seemed like it was - as the CMS was running a lot quicker with it turned off. Is there anything in the configuration or setup that we need to change to counter act this problem? We cannot build any new pages or posts at the moment because the backend of the site just crashed.


Thank you for asking.

Nevertheless, have you tried clearing your Web browser cache, just in case?

Before moving to Cloudflare, was your Website working over HTTPS connection?

It might be Rocket Loader incompatibillity with some JS scripts like website builders Elementor, then some cache plugins like WP Rocket, etc. → in that case, we usually disable the Rocket Loader feature from Cloudflare dashboard.

Maybe some WP JSON request was blocked, or rather may I ask if you checked did any of the challenged or blocked events showed up when you navigate to the Security tab → Overview?

If yes, then I’d suggest adding your server IP / web hosting IP to the Security tab → “IP Access Rules” section with the action “allow” for your website.

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