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Hi all

I’ve got an static website and since last Friday/Saturday it has been really slow to load up and on 2x occasions I got the 522 error.

I am contacting my ISP with regards to blocking Cloudflare’s IP ranges. However it had been working fine for over a year without issues.

I have now disabled Cloudflare on the website and reset the NS servers to my ISP’s and the website loads pretty quickly as expected.

Do you guys think that it is the ISP blocking the IP?

Possibly. A 522 indicates Cloudflare couldnt connect, however that shouldnt be slow but it shouldnt work at all.

Whats the domain?

Hi Sandro…thanks for the reply

I saw the 522 twice; but most of the time it was just very very slow and loading a ‘broken’ site


Requesting your site via Cloudflare does return a lot of 522s and it is quite slow, but this will be most likely your host blocking and/or throttling the connections. Thats something you need to clarify with them.

The other issue is you dont have a certificate on your server and hence must have an insecure configuration on Cloudflare. You need to fix that too.

Hi Sandro,

I am using (disabled the domain) the flexible ssl on Cloudflare and have 2x page rules setup:*
Always Use HTTPS*
Always Use HTTPS

Everything was working spot on with https up until Friday (when I noticed the issue).

You shouldnt do this. This is insecure and highly discouraged. You need to configure a proper certificate on your server.

Fair enough…

I will check with ISP whether they do Let’sencrypt or pay for the cert then

Paying certainly is an option (after all running a properly managed CA does cost some money) but there is also another free option in addition to LE, which is Cloudflare’s own Origin Certificates. The downside is they only work in a proxied context (browsers will still reject them), the upside is the validity is not just three months but up to 15 years.


Thanks for the info. I am reading:

I will think on what to do, however I am still puzzled as to why this has happened. Still want to hear from my ISP and hosting provider.

Thats the right article and installing the certificate should be a matter of minutes, unless your host is unwilling.

As for the issue, your ISP wont be able to do much here, this looks like an issue with your host.

Hello, thank you for giving a solution to this problem, in fact, my website was also very slow for the last few days, I have done all the above solutions but this issue is not happening. please help me…

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