Slow website when Cloudflare Enabled

Hi, recently I noticed that my websites are taking a long time for loading than usual. After many checks, I found that Cloudflare is making my websites slow. When I disable Cloudflare, the website loads much faster but when I enable that, websites take much time to load.

Also, if I enable Cloudflare and use VPN, my website loads faster or as usual. May I know if the Cloudflare data center is having any issues in my region?

If that would happen you could see it here:

Are you able to provide us with your domain, so we can do some tests on our side?

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Yes, I already checked this. I shows operational. My website is

Currently I have disabled cloudflare on it.

Thats usefull info. Since you said, when Cloudflare is disabled its fast. I have tested it and this is the result, after running the test 5 times: HTTP Connectivity Test | Benchmark From 53+ Locations Worldwide - Tools

which clearly shows, that:

  1. you page is not fast
  2. it is the fastest in India (Karnataka), which could indicate where your server is.

Now please activate Cloudflare again and I will test again to compare it.
But just for the record, the slowness shown above ATM can not be related to Cloudflare, since you disabled it.

Thanks. I forgot to mention that my server is located in Bangalore, India. I have enabled Cloudflare. You can check it now.

Apologize for mobile screenshot. But you can see timings for Delhi & Bengalore servers. I just did test.

Thanks, just did:

In average it is not becoming much slower, in some areas even faster, but in India itself I can see an increasement at the dynamic part.
But when I test against a static part (to test pure speed between CF and your origin) I see this at the first call: HTTP Connectivity Test | Benchmark From 53+ Locations Worldwide - Tools

Which is basically the same speed as without Cloudflare.

The difference between dynamic first call and static first call gives us the Δ (délta) which stands for "how long does the dynamic version take longer then the static one if Cloudflare used. But the speed of the first call to a static request defines how fast Cloudflare itself is.

As you are using Cloudways as dynamic cache, makes me thing it does not play well together with Cloudflare. Maybe the routing between Cloudways and Cloudflare is not that good, but since this issues does not occur anywhere else then on a site cached with Cloudways, I think thats a Cloudways issue. Not one on Cloudflare.

Also: the second call on a static request showed the potential of Cloudflare:

where files are delivered in india in under 10ms!

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Thanks but too technical for me :smiley: What should I do next? Should I inform same to Cloudways?
I also want to mention that, whatever tests we did, those were front-end tests I believe. But this issue is for back-end too. My admin dashboards are running super slow when Cloudflare is turned on.

I have tried contacting Cloudways too regarding this but again they said they don’t have any issue from their side. I tried this on my another site which is hosted with Hostgator server in India. Issue is same, Cloudflare servers, especially Bangalore is taking much time to load.

With Cloudflare : Screenshot by Lightshot

Without Cloudflare : Screenshot by Lightshot

Cloudflare server do not typically “load” the page, but proxy them, that makes them rely on the performance and response of the origin behind. Like I have shown, it is unlikely that Cloudflare is the problem.

A way to work around that problenm could be APO. It’s a paid service from Cloudflare that specially targets sdlow WordPress pages. Give it a try.

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