Slow website speed

Hi, I started to create Wordpress webpages and I host them through TMD Hosting my issue is that my website takes really long to load and I don’t know why. They told me to use a CDN (Cloudflare) I am totally fine with this if it will help my websites.

Can you guys please have a look a tell me what goes wrong when the page loads in and give me some insights on the matter. I want to make more websites but I am afraid that once I put them online they will be as slow as this one.

This is is the domain I was talking about that loads in slow.

Thanks in advance.

That site is not using Cloudflare. For help optimizing WordPress sites, I suggest you explore some WordPress forums.

Here’s another good resource:

I guess the nameservers weren’t updated yet but my website is connected to cloudflare and I could really use some help

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