Slow Website after installing cloudflare


Today I started my mmorpg games which has success instantly by having around 200 players online. After a while my website got attacked and shut down by sql injections. I decided then to purchase Cloudflare because I’ve heard that it would help me a lot.

I purchased the 20 USD plan and set everything up. It was quite easy because they had guides of how to do and my domain was bought from

Around 1 - 2 hours after the installation of Cloudflare into my website url I noticed some strange performance issues, my website became super slow to load. I assume that it had something to do with clouldflare and that is why I’m asking you guys for help and advice. My website url is

It’s not currently using Cloudflare. For future reference, you can keep using Cloudflare’s name servers, then use the DNS page at Cloudflare to enable (:orange:) and disable (:grey:) the Cloudflare Proxy so traffic will go directly to your server.

I’m no MMORPG player, but is all of its traffic over HTTP/S (ports 80 and 443)?

One way to see what’s slowing it down is to add a Page Rule that matches and add a bunch of settings to Disable Security (I know…that’s one you really want/need), Disable Performance, Disable Apps, Bypass Cache. You can remove those options from your Page Rule to see if one of them is what’s killing your performance.

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