Slow Video Loading Speeds Using Cloudflare + Backblaze

We heard of the partnership between Cloudflare and backblaze and were hoping we could use both to satisfy the needs of our users on our video hosting website, but so far we are experiencing very slow video loading speeds. We thought of trying Cloudflare stream, but found out we can’t use our own customized video player to deliver video’s uploaded by users and must instead use Cloudflare’s own video player. (we have a lot added to our video player to satisfy our users so using Cloudflare’s video player isn’t an option at the moment). We are reaching out hoping that our settings on backblaze or Cloudflare aren’t the best and that their is something we do to vastly improve video loading speeds (currently taking over 30 seconds to play video after clicking play)

Problem with Backblaze is that they only have one datacenter and it’s located in the US. From everywhere else it’s painfully slow. No partnership between Cloudflare and Backblaze can beat speed of light.

Best possible solution in your case is to use Azure Blob Storage (or AWS/GCP alternatives), have at least 3 replicas in different regions (Chicago, Frankfurt and Singapore for example) and serve video from nearest location to customer using load balancer. Problem is that it will cost you much more compared to Backblaze.

You have to choose between cost and performance according to your needs and budget.

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Although, if you have decent connection, 30 second load time sounds unreasonable no matter where you are.

From my experience Backblaze B2 is slower in general compared to Azure Blobs or S3 from same region, it’s relatively new service and they might have traffic bottleneck or something. Again, it’s cost vs performance :confused:

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