Slow TTFB for pages and very slow loading

I am using W3 Total Cache along with CloudFlare. However facing issues with the load time. It’s still 8.9 seconds. Unable to figure out. I’ve configured everything on my own using some tutorials. Require help understanding this issue.

Website MumMumTime
AMP Version

TTFB depends on a lot of different varients, but more so on your server environment more than anything else. From an initial look, your site is light, so it shouldn’t take long to load at all.

  • You’re using WordPress, which is fine, but consider how many plugins you have installed and what they’re doing.
  • You have a mix of resources, being served by both http and https, use only one, not both.
  • If your server is taking too long to render the page, then you might want to allocate more resources to it. I done a test and it managed 0.34s. That is from the UK.
  • Check your host and see if you’re hosted from your target country. If you’re in the UK but hosting from the US, you’ll get an extra 100ms or so added easy.
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Thanks at ton for the response.
I’ll check into the points. Some direction to work in.
And will revert back.

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