Slow To Load

Pingdom test indicates the following homepage load times:
Washington DC 934ms
San Francisco 1.43ms
London (UK) 1.84ms
Sydney (Australia) 3.05ms

How can I reduce the load time to under 1 second for all US, Canada, UK and Australia? The US is especially important to me since 60% of my traffic comes from the US.

Thank you.

Those numbers are all under one second. But timing greatly depends on where your server is located, and which resources are served from Cloudflare’s cache. Plus the complexity of the content itself.

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I believe the OP did not intend to say his site is loading in one millisecond.

As usual, we can only assume it is and that domain actually loads in about 100 milliseconds, so that should be fine :wink:


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Sandro, I have amended - sorry got my ms and s mixed up. Here are the true load times:

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