Slow speed Time to First Byte (TTFB) and Largest Contentful Paint

Need help - I have 3 domains running two of which are with cloudflare. All are broadly identical except for content. The two with cloudflare according to google site kit and GT metrix are running slow. Google is advising of a Largest Contentful Paint of 4.3s (previously 1.8s) and GT metrix is reporting issues with Time to First Byte (TTFB), also known as server response time, is the time it takes for the browser to receive the first byte in response to the browser request. The site not connected to cloudflare does not have these issues.


First, read this post which has lots of useful info about Cloudflare, caching, etc and how improve TTFB.

Second, you may want to read the article How to Improve TTFB on Cloudflare with Speculation Rules.

Speculation Rules is something new in Chrome for prefetching/prerendering the page the user will likely visit next. The article is a bit long read, but should have all you need, incl. code example, to implement it on your website.