Slow speed on mobile version with cdn

Dear Cloudflare Experts,

I’m seeking guidance regarding the performance of my real estate website, particularly on mobile devices. Despite using Cloudflare, including the Cloudflare Pro plan, to improve platform speed, I’m still experiencing slowdown issues, especially on mobile. Currently, it takes between 3.5 to 4 seconds for the properties to load, which is considered slow by real estate standards.

I’d like to know how I can optimize my site to load faster, especially on mobile devices. I understand that property images may be contributing to the slowness, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to optimize them, along with other site elements, to ensure a faster and smoother experience for our clients.

I appreciate any guidance or suggestions you can offer to enhance my site’s performance using Cloudflare.

Best regards,
Adriano Tavares

Hi there Adriano,

Can this be an issue with your mobile or your carrier? I was testing the website emulating an iPhone 14 and later a Samsung, and it fully loads in 2~3s the part that takes longest to be honest, is the end when the Google Analytics collector steps in (+4s), but by that time the website is fully loaded, so the viewer should not even be aware of it.

Please try and tun a test under Speed > Observatory and after the test finishes compare the desktop with the mobile result to see if there are any observable differences and recommendations.

Take care.