Slow speed on CNAME destination website

What is the name of the domain?

What is the issue you’re encountering

Hi, I have a CNAME record from “” to “” but page speed is very slow compared original destination ( How can I speed up “”? thank you in advance.

What feature, service or problem is this related to?

DNS records

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Have you tried setting the CNAME to :grey: DNS Only, so that connections are made directly to the canonical name?

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Hello and thank you for answering me,
I followed the instructions of my service provider, they basically make me use their control panel using my logo and my personalized settings as a reseller.
I haven’t tried setting from “Proxy” to “DNS only” but I wouldn’t want to block everything.

  1. Create an account for your domain at Cloudflare.
  2. Move your nameservers from your current host to Cloudflare.
  3. Setup your DNS at Cloudflare for all existing services at your domain and sub domains. Cloudflare will attempt to do this automatically.
  4. Add a CNAME record at Cloudflare for your private label domain or sub domain pointing to with proxy status = Proxied
  5. Go to the Crypto menu in Cloudflare and change “SSL” = Full.
  6. Go to Cloudflare → SSL Tab → Edge Certificates → At Bottom page → Enable Universal SSL
  7. Wait up to 24 hours and your domain should open with https://
  8. Once https:// is working, go to the Crypto menu in Cloudflare and set “Always use HTTPS” = ON