Slow speed after adding cloudflare

After my new wordpress site (godaddy host) was rebuilt this month the load time was over 5 seconds. I added Cloudflare and now have over 20 seconds load time. Read through the forums/youtube. Cannot understand. Please help.

Your initial home page HTML takes a few seconds to load, but there are a ton of resources on there, most not from your domain.

Here’s a page test that breaks it down. Aside from the initial load, everything from your site loads pretty quickly.

Hi, I am having the same problem.

This is the webpagetest using my cloned site that I put on Cloudflare

This is the webtest using my original site that has no CDN

What could be the problem? I would really liek to use Cloudflare and all its cool products!

try with and without rocket loader, in some rare cases it can make it slower
also make sure to fix all your js error

I checked the rocket loader and it shows it is “off”

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