Slow site when active Cloudflare

Every time I activate the Cloudflare my server gets slow, responding above 200ms. Does anyone know how to improve?

I’d use and start looking at all the responses from the waterfall view. That view will also break down what’s taking up portions of time in the response. It’s a similar approach to opening up Dev Tools in a browser.

If you post the URL, others can investigate as well.

I would keep it on for few days it will get cached and it will work fine. Its just when you dont have cache the server usage goes little bit higher…

You can notice by this page: Diver Error
IP domain unlinked Cloudflare: Screenshot - 02cdf4144eb371410d2eafca7b38b6d9 - Gyazo

Ip Cloudflare linked: Screenshot - 5bafd9385ed5293172f569442dc32307 - Gyazo

Is your server in Brazil? I’m trying to remember if there were issues with Cloudflare speeds in Brazil.

One thing that would help speed up a page load would be a WordPress Caching plugin. It looks like you’re running Jetpack, but I don’t know if that caches Wordpress pages. I use WP Fastest Cache which generates an HTML version of my pages and posts which speeds up delivery. The cache is automatically flushed when that page or post is updated.

I just tried Sucuri, but it looks like you turned Cloudflare off. But the results are still interesting. In Brazil, First Byte is very fast, at .062, but everywhere else, it’s about .700 or more.

I use WP Super Cache, it is now active can realize

Any website is slow when you switch nameservers but it will eventually gain all the speed back after some time and in Cloudflare i think it takes 4 hours.

Even with the passage of time it fcontinua slow, very strange Cloudflare do this in Brazil

Could there be with the certificate, which I use on the server be different, from Cloudflare.

My site on pingdom was always testing aroun 3.75 seconds.I moved to the free Cloudflare account, and now I am getting server response warnings and a load time of 7-9 seconds.This isnt what I envisioned.