Slow site response time

I am experiencing slow site response lately. I have had 100+ user on the site at one time with no real performance issues before. In the last week I have run a couple of sales that brought a lot of users, but still less than 200 at one time, and I started seeing a much slower site response time. It will go from 2-3 seconds on average to 8+ seconds and even a few timeouts it appears. This should obviously not be a problem for Cloudflare, I am sure 200 users is not even a spec on the radar for them.
However, why is it affecting my site performance. I would think that cloudflare would continue to server and maybe if everyone was adding a product to the cart it would be slow but not for regular usage.

My developer has said he has started using utm tags in the URL when he does an SMS campaign and we were wondering if maybe cloudflare is not reading this right and so instead of being served by cloudflare it gets served directly by the server.

Here is an example of the tags he is using:

Can anyone help me troubleshoot why this server would be slowing down? I just upgraded to the cloudflare pro plan in hopes that it can give me some insights but I am new to this part of it.

Server Specs:
Hosted cloud dedicated server at liquidweb
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 3.4Ghz, 3600MhZ 4 core
16GB Ram
No more than 200 users at a time

Any help is appreciated.

It depends on the content of your site. Cloudflare will cache based on file extension and does not cache HTML by default (Default Cache docs). 200 users are nothing for Cloudflare but it could be that your server has to handle most of the user traffic still rather than it being handled by Cloudflare.

Assuming your server IP address ends in 118 you’d currently have a security issue.

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