Slow Site and SSL?

i’ve a problem with my site and cloudfare SSL. I decided to use a SSL certificate form Cloudfare but I noticed that the second step (see picture) get out 3.1 seconds to load , while all the site get load in 3.6sec.
Is seems that this problem is related to SSL, or is a different problem?

Thanks in advance for your help: I anticipate that I’m not a specialist or a programmer.


That’s not SSL that’s slowing your site down. SSL clears in 24 ms, which is super quick. It’s just waiting for your server to send the HTML. A WordPress caching plugin should help with this. I use WP Fastest Cache, but W3 Total Cache is also a good one.

As a side note, if I just type in, I get a 502, like your server doesn’t respond to non-www. If you can’t fix it at the server’s end, you can add a Page Rule at Cloudflare to match* and set it to Forward (Code 301) to$1

Thank for your post.
The problems seems solved!

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