Slow site and slow log in here

I’m not sure what is going on. My website has been getting slower and slower each day for the past week. So I try to log in to Cloudflare and even it is either extremely slow to log in or times out completely and get an error. Even if I try to just log in to the support page shows just a bunch of code. Odd times at CF?

How are your response times to other websites (from the same device that’s experiencing slow CF logins, when it’s on the same network that experienced the slow CF login)?

My connection is fine (Google gigabit) with other sites. I literally have seen an error on Cloud Flare like 2-3 times when trying to log in. Where it says something went wrong and they want me to send them information on how I got to that error page. The CF page actually loads fine and quickly except for the part where it is pulling up my website information (like the page where you select which site your are managing). This whole thing is really odd since my site and Cloud Flare are essentially acting the same. Right now things are working normal but sometimes it happens for several hours throughout the day while other times it is fine. Trying to log in on a support page hasn’t worked for me for days.

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