Slow server response while hosted at Godaddy

I just spent some time with Godaddy support troubleshooting horrible load time with a WordPress site hosted there.

  • Their hosting server pings around 75ms
  • TTFB is rated 1 star at bytecheck
  • Loading time is typically over 6 seconds (up to 30 seconds)
  • CF’s Developer mode is on

I’d like to know if others have had slow sites hosted at Godaddy and if switching providers would solve it.

Or if I’m missing something here at CF for load times for development and production. Both are not usable.

Dev Mode only controls caching, which only impacts static files. TTFB is determined by delivery of the main page HTML code.

Slow response is due to the complexity of the page code, which Cloudflare can’t help with. Ping time has very little to do with TTFB in this case.

What’s the URL?

Hey sdayman,

Thanks for clarifying. The site is which is a WordPress theme. The theme demo is also at CF and loads extremely fast:

[Oh I turned Dev Mode off]

Date and Time of screenshot: 01:41 PM 29-Mar-19


It appears your hosting is extremely slow.

If you really want amazing TTFB (performance in general), you should opt for Cloud VPS and setup in the most optimized way.

These are provider I can recommend for the better performance…

  • Vultr

  • Digital Ocean

  • Google Cloud

  • AWS EC2

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Thank you for confirming this! And great ideas, I hadn’t thought about GC or AWS for WP hosting. I appreciate your reply.

You’re welcome!

I am personally huge fan of Cloud VPS. The day I started using, never looked back to shared kind of hosting. :grin:

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