Slow server response time

After adding cloudflare to my site, gtmetrix or pagespeed Insights reported:

“Reduce initial server response time”.

I didn’t have this issue before i add cloudflare to my site.
Im not a expert so i need your help to remove this issue.

I asked my host about this problem, but they said that they do not have access to the cloudflare servers and therefore they cannot influence them.


Thank you.

First: für Support & Hilfe in Deutsch können Sie gerne den deutschen Teil des Forums nutzen. Sollten Sie mit der englischen Sprache vertraut sein ist dieser Bereich hier natürlich richtig.

When I test your Page I do get these results: (Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix)

TTFB: 238ms.

But notice that this Test has been made from LONDON, if you are not logged in GTmetrix will test your site from Canvoucer (Canada) and therefore the TTFB will rise ofc.

As you just posted the half of your TestResult I can not see from where the test was done.

All in one I see your initial request is dynamic

And therefore CloudFlare will not deliver it from its Cache, but actually “pipes” it from the origin Server as its defined as “not cachable” (dynamic).

As you use WordPress (Thrive Theme Builder?) I would recommend you installing a Caching Plugin. There are many out there. Please google which is the best one for you.
In my humble opinion “WpRocket” is the best out there and it does work combined with CloudFlare. But many others may give you simular results.

When I test here from germany the TTFB I do get in real life is about 230ms and therefore I assume you are not using proper caching on application side, thats why I recommend it to you.

But Cloudflare actually is working properly and I could not find anything that points to the direction that CloudFlare is slowing down your site, nor that it does not work as expected.

Thanks for your Help.
Yes, I was not logged into gtmetrix and therefore the test server was also in Canada.

I have already installed wp rocket and added cloudflare there as well. So I already use the best caching and still have the problems. But why is the question?

pageSpeed ​​Insights also reports the same error to me.

I am a little confused whether Cloudflare will be of any use for my case. My users are mainly from Germany and I host in Germany.

Thank you for your help.

Same for me. I do use static caching and CloudFlare and to asnwer this question. Within germany CloudFlare will not speed up your initial request but the total PageLoad.

You have to understand that CloudFlare is a reverse Proxy CDN and therefore will slow down you initial request (TTFB) by about 10ms here in germany. But thats very ok as it gives you some other benefits which are way more important.

  1. if will hide your public IP! This is very important when it comes to security
  2. it will act like a WAF/Firewall for all your Domains getting routed through CloudFlare
  3. it will speed up ALL static assets
  4. it will optimize ALL your files on the fly

So yes your initial TTFB will be slowed down by some milliseconds but the rest is getting speed up by a lot and this worldwide!

This is another thing. Please follow this tutorial to determinate whether the problem is caused by CloudFlare or (most probably tbh) by your own origin server.

Do test this I will send you two commands.

Command 1: will test the TTFB of your Server on your regular domain and page with CloudFlare
Command 2: will test the TTFB of your Server by bypassing CloudFlare

Then we can see how your site (TTFB wise) performs with and without CloudFlare.

Command 1:

curl -o /dev/null -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' -s -w "Connect: %{time_connect} TTFB: %{time_starttransfer} Total time: %{time_total} \n"

Command 2:

curl -o /dev/null -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' -s -w "Connect: %{time_connect} TTFB: %{time_starttransfer} Total time: %{time_total} \n" --resolve '[###IP###]'

At command 2 replace the Tag [###IP###] with the current IP of your origin Server.
(but probably its

Please notice that this is a cURL command which you can run on mostly every Linux Server and on most windows machines if you have curl installed.

But please do not run in on the Server itself you want to test against.

I can just run command 1 as I do not know your origin Server IP, this is the output:
Connect: 0,006166 TTFB: 0,110432 Total time: 0,148602

Testresult for
Connect: 0,021621 TTFB: 0,091686 Total time: 0,199462

So in this case CloudFlare will slow down your TTFB by 20ms but speed up your total PageLoad by more then 50ms in total!

Again on top of this comes that CloudFlare optimizes your static assets so its even more easy for Browsers to render and display the optimized assets by CloudFlare then the unoptimized ones.
And again on top Cloudflare will deliver static assets from its Edge and they will not have to travel all the way to your prigin server.

Please run both commands and post the results here

Ok, i needed some time for this.

Command 1:
Connect: 0.066041 TTFB: 0.000000 Total time: 0.107560

Command 2:
Connect: 0.030033 TTFB: 0.000000 Total time: 0.122039

But i do not get results for TTFB. I guess i am doing somthing wrong here.
Im testing your command with git bash.

Just run it from a normal Linux machine, then it will work. Or you just check if your origin IP is as this is what my crystall ball told me. And if its correct then you will see the results from my tests here (tested from my server in Karlsruhe):

And just after this also the explanation what it means.

BTW no TTFB normaly means the command was not successfull.

The IP is correct.
I have no Linux machine. I tested it on my windows pc.

If thats the case then you can just take my testresults.

What they basically say are:
CloudFlare will slow down the TTFB by about 20ms, but the pageLoad will be speed up (even due the slightly slower TTFB) by about 50ms.

So CloudFlare even speeds your site up within germany by about 50ms in total.

Sorry my Antivurs blocked the commands.

Command 1:
Connect: 0.032267 TTFB: 0.231831 Total time: 0.339047

Command 2:
Connect: 0.048526 TTFB: 0.208420 Total time: 0.382127

Sorry im not a pro in this stuff.
Thank you for your help.

No problem I will explain the same again with your now provided Testresults:

CloudFlare is speeding up the connectiontime by 16ms
CloudFlare is slowing down your TTFB by 23ms
CloudFlare is speeding up total PageLoad (most important!) by 43ms in total!

Summed up your site will be faster (even within germany, where you are close to your origin Server) if you use CloudFlare by 43ms in total.

And dont forgett that Cloudflare does not just speed up pageload, but also optimized all ressources separately.

But what we also can read out of this Test:

Your TTFB is at 200ms WITHOUT CloudFlare! Whats very high for a static cached page. So the problem definitely is on your origin server and not on Cloudflare.

Ok, so should I ignore the warnings from gtmetrix and pageSpeed ​​Insights and leave everything as is?

Are you still seeing a problem with my caching?


But I can not debug if from here NOR can I do more jedgements from here without any more detailed informations. As this problem is pretty sure not related to Cloudflare I can not assist any further here.

I will run some last tests to check if I can identify the problem, or at least see if your Caching is working properly.

Give me some minutes

Ok finished analysing.

I came to the conclusion that your server most probably does have a very bad connection and therefore is responding slow.

What I have tested:
I tested the response time on static assets from your server once with CloudFlare :orange: and once with bypassing CloudFlare :grey: and the result showed that your server really responds slow, even on static assets. So your Cachingtool (WpRocket) is most probably working fine! But the server can not deliver these statically cached files on a reasonable time.
See the results:


Connect: 0,005409 TTFB: 0,022570 Total time: 0,030843

Connect: 0,021497 TTFB: 0,092192 Total time: 0,158010

CloudFlare in all tests is always as fast as always, but your server is slow even when he is delivering 100% static assets.
TTFB 92ms on static assets vs 22ms at CloudFlare.

That makes me wonder where you host your server and what kind of hosting it is?

  • WebSpace?
  • VPS?
  • Dedicated RootServer?

Your IP indicates you are using All-Inkl, right?

You are the best.
100% correct my host is all-inkl.

Maybe you should ask them if they atm are encountering some problems or if the network which your server is in, is overloaded?

All-Inkl anyway would not be my first choice when it comes to hosting.

But for anything else you should contact them and let their engineers do their job to provide you a good service as the problem seems to be somewhere at their side

Ok, which host can you recommend?

Thank you for your analysis and your patience with me. I will then get in touch with all-inclusive.

Depends on personal experience and personal preferences.
All-Inkl is a good Budget-Hoster as you do get much hardware for the price, but not the most stable connection which you will notice in peak times.

I personally use NetCup and IONOS. Personally I woulf prefer NetCup, specially if you catch one of the nice special offers they sometimes provide! Then you can make some real good deal.

Bandwith/connection wise

  • IONOS (VPS) about 400Mbits (20mbs in real life)
  • NetCup (VPS) since “G9” about 1000Mbits (150mbs in real life)

But in the end ping and other stuff is more important then bandwith. For any more detailed tests and so one please search the web and in the NetCup Forum as they do provide very much raw-benchmark performance test there.

Notice that there are many other Hosting-Providers out there which also are good, but for me I got stuck with these two and I’m satisfied with both on their own way.

Plus for IONOS is btw they do give free Plesk-Licenses for each VPS you buy (unless its the 1€ VPS :slight_smile:) so as you use WordPress this may is a plus to manage your server and your installations more easy.

You are very welcome! Feel free to ask here in the community when you do have questions :slight_smile:


Viel Erfolg mit dem Support von All-Inkl und bleiben Sie gesund :upside_down_face:


Vielen Dank :grinning:

Bleiben Sie auch gesung :blush:

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