Slow responses to proxied websites when using JIO as ISP

It might not be an issue with Cloudflare but Jio’s routing, we need to wait for an update.

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I understand; however, an acknowledgement of the issue by Cloudflare would certainly help.


Hi Team,
I writing this to Technical Team to notify that, for the past four days we are facing a major issue in our App because of Jio network. But the issue is happening only in Android mobiles(JIO Network Connected devices) only. In our platform there are more than 3 lakh users. Users how all are using Jio network, they are facing slow loading problem. This is happenig in jio network only, comparing to BSNL Vodafone and Airtel, the API response speed is maximum 3 seconds, but in jio network the API response time taking more than 2 minutes. Also, Socket connectivity not working in Android app(JIO Network Connected devices). This is the first time we are facing this kind of issue. In past 4 days our business got down upto 75 percentage. Our platform is mainly targeted on Indian users. In India most of the peoples are using Jio network. There are lots of tickets raising because of this issue, we cant able to answer the users.

Our team didn’t find any solution for this. Kindly support us to fix the issue. Our Team is waiting for your reply. kindly foraward this mail to the Technical Team. I hope you will take this seriously and help us to resolve the issue. Please keep me updated on the progress and any further actions that are required from our end.

The Cloudflare networking team has been alerted, we are waiting for an update.


For us, the issue is happening over Windows, Linux PCs, Android, and iOS devices. It is not limited to Android only.

An incident has been declared, but the issue is on Jio’s side. Cloudflare’s Networking Team is working with them.


Hi there,
We are facing issue on JIO Internet provider in some areas due to which our websites are not loading.
On other networks its working fine.

Can you please help us with the same?

Same issue

@ayush.srivastava, @bhbavadiya2608 see above :slight_smile:

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No acknowledgement from Cloudflare on Status Page or Twitter?

The issue isn’t on their end, they will never add a Status Page for a single network issue that’s not their fault. Admittedly the network is big given is a major provider in India, but it’s still a single network.

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How are we supposed to keep up with the updates on this issue, then?

Contact Jio, it’s not Cloudflare’s problem. They can try to help as it impacts them, they can try workarounds if possible, but they won’t give updates another company needs to provide.

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Jio’s Customer Care (that normal consumers have access to) does not have any know-how or knowledge on how to handle this situation; I gave them a call and email and the only response received was “If YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and MyJio application is opening correctly, then it’s not our issue, please contact the website admin”.

Don’t you think this impacts Cloudflare on a major level as well? Almost 80% of the websites hosted on Cloudflare’s network are not opening on Jio, which has almost 40% of the Indian market, approximating around 1,024.81 million users.

Are there not Pro, Business, Enterprise, APO and other paid clients affected by this? I believe it should be on some level of priority for Cloudflare to get this sorted out with Jio.

As stated above, an incident was declared and the Network Team is aware and responding, but there is only so much they can do if the issue lies on things they don’t control. I have no visibility into internal stuff at Cloudflare, I have some info that’s been relayed to me.


Roger, hoping this is resolved ASAP, as it’s impacting our business severely, losing potential clients and sales.

I even upgraded to Pro in hopes of getting this resolved. However, no luck.

Plus, the inconvenience and anger of existing clients that use Cloudflare, believing that it’s our fault, is also unprecedented and making a dent in our reputation.

Yeah, I can understand that and I did push to have a status page up, just to inform people, but unfortunately is not my call. You might try disabling the proxy in the mean time, to bypass Cloudflare IPs. From the tests I ran, it seems to go in a loop once it tried to go to Cloudflare on Jio’s end.

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Yes, we recommended our clients pause Cloudflare temporarily; however, that will leak the real server IP forever (DNS history bots, etc.), plus we use CSF and other firewalls on many servers that block connections from any other IPs except Cloudflare, so intervention from our end on each server is required to make this work, and it also removes all protection and CDN.

If there was something like that, we could point our clients to keep a look at that. However, it’s very unfortunate that Cloudflare has not decided to treat this issue seriously and give it the attention it deserves.

Thanks for at least keeping us informed with the limited info you have on this situation.

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Got an update, there is a workaround in place, for FREE customers (not Pro or above, yet I assume, to check it doesn’t break things).

Try again, possibly clear your local DNS cache first.