Slow response to uncached HTML content?

Hi! The subscribers to my website (very video content heavy) are having error messages and blocked attempts when trying to access certain pages. I was told by Cloudflare that this is because of a slow response to requests for uncached HTML content. HELP! I have angry customers who are now suspicious that our website is infected.

Hi @courtney, I see your ticket and have made some notes and a link to this conversation. I’d take a look at these tests, Performance Tutorials - Google PageSpeed & In particular, will give a detailed breakdown of the elements as they load on the page. Beyond checking cache, the adjustments need to be made on your origin server.

Are you using Wordpress, Drupal, or Magento on your site?

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Thank you for responding! We run our site through Kajabi, which requires cloudflare if we want to use our custom domain. Would Kajabi be the issue?

I was curious about the three dynamic CMS options I mentioned as we have plugins for those. Yes, it does look like kajabi is responsible for some of the delay you’re seeing before the page becomes interactive.

Can you share a url that your users are having issues with? You can also enter it here and test to see the results,

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