Slow remote script - with no access to script origin

Hi community.

I have a script running in the header on my site in the form of a stock market ticker

I am in Australia and from what I understand the script/stock ticket is on a remote basically on the other side of the world. Currently for myself and other visitors here in Australia my stock ticker loads quite far behind the rest of my website, (Very delayed)

The orgainisation that provides the script (on the other side of the word0 says it pretty much loads right away for them and they see no delay. So, this would simply mean this is due to latency here in Australia.

Ive done what I can to try and speed it up a little such as DNS prefteching. However, that did not really have an impact.

My question is. Would there be anyway I can use my Cloudflare account to get this load faster for me? From where I stand, I can’t see it actually being possbile as I don’t have any control over the source, Would I be right? Or could there be something I can do/use in Cloudflare ?

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