Slow performance with large uncached file via Cloudflare

Except nothing is being cached for that particular subdomain. I have a rule that sets the cache level to bypass. My origin server has a symmetrical 500mbit/s connection, so even if the file were not to be cached by CF because it exceeds the max. filesize of 512MB, wouldn’t it still download fast? Have been a CF user for over 5 years now, and have never seen this behavior with big files.

Also created a bypass rule just for, which is currently active.

I get a MISS, not a BYPASS.

That’s odd, it is really set to bypass.

I just tested a rule and I get a DYNAMIC when I create a Page Rule set to Bypass. I guess that makes sense, as that’s what Cloudflare will show for a filetype that’s not on its cache list.

Thanks for checking - I can see similar performance with MISS and BYPASS and I’m going to run more tests internally and check in with our Cache team - I am not sure why the difference at this point.


Thanks for looking into it. Appreciate it.

No problem - we have some possible fixes identified and once they’re ready I’ll update here.


Little update:
I’ve migrated my webserver to container on a dedicated server hosted at Hetzner. Still the same slow speeds unfortunately…

@mkoning9747 thanks for the update - we’ve tested a fix and I think it should work well for you. Once it’s rolled out to the world I’ll update you here.

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@mkoning9747 this should be resolved now - let us know if not.


Just tested, and the issue seems to have been resolved! The 1GB testfile saturates my internet connection now while downloading. Thanks a lot!


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